Tunaaaaroom Rntz Muffins


Dried Weed
THC  28
CBD  2
Strain Type  Indica
1/8 oz $35.94
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WINK TUNAAAAROOM RUNTZ MUFFINS is an indica-dominant flower that’s a cross of Zkittlez, Gelato 33 and Orange Punch. Bred by TunaaaaRoom, this triple cross offers a burst of fruity flavours with citrus, creamy and sweet flavour notes. Dominant terpenes include caryophyllene, myrcene and farnesene. The craft flower is indoor grown, hang dried, hand-trimmed and slow cured to protect trichomes, preserve terpenes and retain bud moisture. TUNAAAAROOM RUNTZ MUFFINS is carefully grown in Alberta. Ten per cent of profits are donated back to homelessness and social services.


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