*Special* Build A Half-Ounce @ zendelivery.co




Customize your own half-ounce and get 10% off!

This bundle is great for customers to try multiple strains from our premium selections.

  • Pick 2 strains (7g each) to build your own half-ounce.
  • Must pick two (2) different strains. Stacking same strains will result in failed order.
  • Pricing is based on the strains chosen.
  • 10% discount is already applied to the strains in selection
  • Visit: https://getyourzen.co/product/build-a-premium-halfounce/ to build your half-ounce

1 review for *Special* Build A Half-Ounce @ zendelivery.co

  1. jahmeel

    great option if you are on a little budget and want to mix an match your strains instead of getting one strain.

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