Solvent7ess 1G Live Hash Rosin


Strain Type  Hybrid
Price Per Unit $40
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This product is for the ultimate cannabis purist. Its made only using RO water and Ro ice cubes as a solvent. We strictly only use the finest bubble hash consisting of 70-120u. The product is freeze dryed for 72hrs and then cured for 7 days. This a perfect blend of high and flavour. The product is only made and handled in the cold for maximum terpene retention. Solvent7ess products are purged and cured for 7 days almost double the industry standard. This is why we have a 7 in our name. The products are all made inhouse with fresh frozen material all organically sun grown in southern Ontario by our team. We are resin farmers and we grow specifically for the flavour and effects we have curated for our concentrates. The experience and flavour of our Hash Rosin will be completely different then our Terp Slushy.

Multiple Strains Available.


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