Nitro Cookies


Dried Weed
THC  25.29
CBD  0.07
Strain Type  Hybrid
1/8 oz $33.89
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The aroma & potency of Gasmask, with the unmistakable look of Animal Cookies – introducing Nitro Cookies, the latest offering from Organnicraft. Between 25 -31% THC, and with a potent terpene profile led by Myrcene, this cultivar is definitely for the more experienced consumer. Nitro Cookies’ powerful aromas are complemented by gorgeous, dark green flowers, tinged with purple and loaded with trichomes. This cultivar is specifically grown in small batches, within 500 square-foot grow rooms, using high-quality, salt-based nutrients and tender care – right down to the hand-trimming process. True to the real craft ideology, Organnicraft’s processes are all completed by hand, without the use of pesticides or trimming machines.


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