Lemon Rocket


Dried Weed
THC  22.8
CBD  0.1
Strain Type  Hybrid
1/8 oz $30.22
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Houston, we have lift-off! Meet our Lemon Rocket, a brand-new proprietary strain bred from premium Fuel and Cake genetics. Reeking of straight fuel with hints of lemony zing, Lemon Rocket is an especially terp-rich strain made with primo THC power. Love that big jar appeal? Dig on Lemon Rocket’s BIG, bright-green buds coated in sparkling trichomes. Strap in, blaze up and chill out. So long, Earth, we’ll catch you on the flip side. Sincerely, your groovy mission control. All of our premium strains are hang dried, hand finished and hand bottled, so you only get the biggest, frostiest and stickiest buds. Every jar includes a humidity pack to help keep your buds fresher for longer.


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