Kush Cake


Dried Weed
THC  23.9
CBD  0.07
Strain Type  Indica
1/8 oz $26.56
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This OG indica-dominant cultivar is the offspring of the powerhouse genetics, Wedding Cake crossed with Kush Mints. The buds are super-dense spear shapes, with lighter green hues that spill over into rich, dark green and purples. The buds are peppered with muted amber pistils and covered in a solid dusting of trichomes. Kush Cake has a delicious recipe of aromas that begin with a pungent diesel smell right out of the jar, followed by an earthy undertone, whisps of sweet citrus and finishes with hints of vanilla. This classic Kush Cake aroma mix is the result of the right amounts of dominant terpenes caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, farnesene and linalool — the perfect recipe for a good baking experience.


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