Driftwood Diesel


Dried Weed
THC  23
CBD  0.1
Strain Type  Indica
1/8 oz $30.22
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Driftwood Diesel is just nature’s funky way of saying PU! A mash-up of premium GMO and Fuel strains, this comically stinky strain delights and offends the senses all the same with a far-out scent of gas and chem, with a sour taste – with extra skunky, nutty and earthy undertones from limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene. Driftwood Diesel crushes any smell test with flying odours – and scores big on power with high THC. Marvel at the gorgeous, dark purple and green buds covered inside and out with shiny trichomes that leave your fingers sticky and icky. With its garbage-but-good aroma, Driftwood Diesel is the stanky dank you’ve been looking for. Sniff some out today! All of our premium strains are hang dried, hand finished and hand bottled, so you only get the biggest, frostiest and stickiest buds. Every jar includes a humidity pack to help keep your buds fresher for longer.


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