Cosmic Caviar THC Gummies 1000mg


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Strain Type  Hybrid
Concentrate Type  Distillate
Flavours  Flavoured
Price Per Unit $37
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Craving an out-of-orbit experience? Then go on a cosmic adventure with these Cosmic Caviar THC Gummies. Each pack comes with 10 delicious squared gummies precisely dosed with 100mg of THC, making it a great snack not only for yourself but to share as well. Open up a pack and prepare for lift off!

A Moonrock Canada premium product line The Cosmic Caviar brand is a high quality edibles brand. Produced on the Moon by the Moonrock Canada team of experts. Our in house industry renownd culinary chef has made a very special and great tasting blend that INCLUDES the high Delta 9 distillate evenly distributed and always cooked in. Not sprayed. Proud to give Canada the best tasting gummies and edible line. The Cosmic Cosmonaut Space Bags are a massive hit for medicinal, social and recreational doses.

1000mg THC per pack – 100mg X 10 Gummies


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